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Undergraduate Portfolio update

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Guest Speaker , Philip Davenport, University Of Chester



  Image Source – http://www.applepie-editions.co.uk/Pic%20IMP%202008%202.htm – Imaginary Missing People by Phillip Davenport, Berlin 2008



Phillip Davenport

Artist Website: http://www.applepie-editions.co.uk/ApplePieCatalogue.html

The Other room Experimental Poetry in Manchester: http://otherroom.org/tag/philip-davenport/





IMG_2416(Phillip Davenport’s Dark Wood) Image link : https://timethedeer.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/philip-davenports-the-dark-would/

Recently within may of this year, Editor Writer and Poetic Artist Phillip Davenport, visited the University Of Chester at Kingsway Campus to offer the third year fine art students with a lecture about his work and the future of postgraduate and artistic practice.

Beginning the lecture Davenport introduces his work by laying out several items, books, images , and leaflets on a table directly in front of the lecture theatre desk, Initiating a proposal for all students to approach the font desk and help themselves to look at his work.

I was very impressed by Davenport’s Lecture, his use of “Breaking the Ice” , with his introduction approach was something I admired, the reason being is that it is more complementary to ‘communication’ to successfully get people involved and talking instead of ‘stereotypically’ starting at a screen display for several hours, is memorable.

So the first opening of this lecture was great and I found myself very inspired and interested in his work, the next piece and most inspiring is Davenport’s work of the Manchester Homeless “Invisible people”.

Davenport’s “Invisible People” Project is available here:http://www.salford.ac.uk/news/invisible-lives-of-homeless-people-revealed-at-mediacityuk

I LIVE TEMPORARY(Phillip Davenport “Invisible People” Manchester Homeless sign postcards -(I LIVE TEMPORARY )

 Image of (I LIVE TEMPORARY) : http://www.salford.ac.uk/news/invisible-lives-of-homeless-people-revealed-at-mediacityuk

The University of Salford MANCHESTER , May 2012 quote :

“The often unheard stories of homeless people in Manchester will be given a voice this month thanks to a collaborative art installation going on display at the University of Salford’s building at Mediacityuk.-(The University of Salford MANCHESTER , May 2012

The Other Room” Available at  http://otherroom.org/tag/phil-davenport/, highlights some further aspects of the valuable and motivating work of Davenport, and his concern of the “Invisible People” .

Phillip Davenport, “A Map Of You”-http://otherroom.org/tag/phil-davenport/

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